Your relationship with your LO is like no other. In this video love letter, create a time capsule of their childhood by sharing all the things you want your children to know about the beginning of their lives, your favorite memories from the first days, and your hopes and dreams for their future. Wrap it all up with a special message letting them know how much you love them.

As a grandparent, you own a special place in your grandchild's heart. Preserve your legacy by sharing personal stories about your childhood, early memories of becoming a parent and your deep love for your family. Perfect for adult children to give to their parents for Mother's Day! Click here for a sample.


Ten Things I Love About You

Tell your special someone "10 Things You Love" about them in this lighthearted, yet touching tribute. Include a range of silly and meaningful items, all customized to your relationship. Perfect gift for Valentine's Day or Mother's Day! Click here for a sample.

Baby Books

Create your own digital baby book! Every year of your LO's life brings magical memories. Relive the first year to always remember the funniest stories, biggest milestones, and favorite personality traits. Do it again year after year for a full chronology of your child's life! 

The Story of My Life

Create a time capsule of your life to share with future generations. Everything from your family history to your genealogy, we will preserve your legacy with a "Story of My Life" video. Brought together with your childhood stories and photos, this video is a perfect gift for a parent or grandparent.

Couples - Engagement & Love Story

Proclaim your love in the most unforgettable way! In this romantic video love letter, tell your special someone what it was like meeting them for the first time, what you love most about your relationship, and how you knew they were "the one." Even propose on camera for a surprise they will never forget! 

Our pets mean the world to us. From greeting us at the door to cuddling up with us at night, they offer true unconditional love. Create a special keepsake video to always remember that special bond that only you and your pet share. Perfect for the pet lover in your life! 


Etc., Etc.

Hello LO can create a video love letter for almost any special person or group of people in your life. From a pregnancy journal for your unborn baby, to your team at work, to your best friend, we can take your memories and honor the people who mean the most to you. 


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Love Letter Videos

Our Video Love Letters give you the chance to tell your loved ones everything you've ever wanted them to know about how much they mean to you. From your most treasured memories, to your hopes and dreams for the future, to your own amazing journey. These videos preserve your legacy and highlight your story with a one-on-one interview edited together with your favorite photos and home movies for the gift of a lifetime they will never forget.